One Humankind… One Story

Rotary has changed my life.  Not only has it made it possible for my dreams to be realized, it has also given me the courage to pursue them.  My name is Clara Leopassi.  I am from Brazil, and I’m currently living my dream of traveling the world and becoming a full-time filmmaker and writer.  For over a year now, I have gotten to know many people in different places, and I am looking to comprehend what it is that connects us all.  So far, this research has resulted in the creation of UMANU, a self-made project that is comprised of a collection of video interviews and photographs that illustrate the innumerous cultural differences and the many commonalities that all people share.

It all started with The Rotary Club of Inverness, 7 years ago, when I was a foreign exchange student.  Having had the opportunity, not only to live in a different country at such a young age, but to do it with the support and guidance of Rotarians, gave me a completely different perspective of the world and life itself.  It has taught me how to be a good guest, how to interact with different cultures, and to be interested in participating in them.  Most importantly, it has made me to understand what Service Above Self is all about.

So far, I have paid my own way and worked as a volunteer in places such as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, and various European countries.  My plan for next year is to travel around Central and South America and to continue the UMANU project with the intention of showing that the Humankind is one only, and that we all deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.  I am, and always will be a Rotary alumnus.  The principles of Rotary will be my guide as I travel the world with the hope of building goodwill and better friendships that will last a lifetime.  It is my hope that my videos will show that despite our differences, we are all very much One Humankind… One Story.

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Clara Leopassi,

Rotary International exchange student,

Rotary Club of Inverness, Florida (2012-13)

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