There are two types of grants available for scholarship: The District Matching Grant Scholarship and the Global Grant Scholarship.

District Matching Grant Scholarship

The District 6950 Matching Grant Scholarship terms are subject to change annually.  For this, scholarship applications are due by March 31.  This scholarship is for post-secondary education for at-need scholars up to the age of 50.  This scholarship is intended as a high-impact grant with as much as $4000 contributed from District funds and a minimum of $1500 from sponsoring club funding.

Please download application information here: Club RequirementsApplication Requirements.

Global Grant Scholarship

The Global Grant Scholarship is for post Baccalaureate education.

Scholarship grants (minimum amount $30,000) are available through the Global Grantavenue. Fifty percent of the grant comes from District Global DDF funds and the remainder from the World Fund.

Global Grant funds for scholars are subject to the following conditions for eligibility:

  1. The scholar’s chosen university is located in an international pilot district
  2. The scholar is seeking a scholarship for graduate-level study
  3. The scholar’s area of study and professional goals further one of the…

In addition:

  • Global grants may fund a scholar for a terms ranging from one to four years, covering tuition, room and board, etc. for the duration of the grant.
  • At the time of application, the scholar must provide a letter of acceptance to his/her chosen university.
  • The international sponsor must also identify the host partner at time of application.