Review these qualifications carefully before submitting a club or district application for a Global Grant.


Qualifications for club eligibility include —

  • Meet district requirements
  • Sign and comply with club Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 
  • Comply with Future Vision Grant Terms and Conditions
  • Agree to record keeping of expenses and receipt retention requirements
  • Proper grant oversight with committee of three club members
  • Bank account solely for Rotary Foundation Global Grant funds
  • Ensure funds used only for qualified expenses
  • Attendance at Rotary Foundation Grant Management seminar

Requirements to maintain club qualification status —

  • Adhere to terms of the club Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  
  • Implement stewardship and grant manage-ment practices to prevent misuse of funds
  • Appoint a club member/committee to manage club qualification
  • Submit reports on timely basis

Club qualification checklist —

  • What MOU requirements does club already implement?
  • What requirements does club need to implement?
  • What members would be good choices to help implement the club MOU?


Districts must also be eligible to receive Global Grant funds.

To be qualified, districts must —

  • Sign and comply with Memorandum of Understanding.  
  • Comply with Future Vision Grant Terms and Conditions.
  • Establish District Rotary Foundation Financial Management Plan.
  • Agree to record keeping and receipt retention requirements.
  • Establish committee oversight structure for grant. Audit and Oversight committee comprised of at least three Rotarians and ratified annually by the current District Governor.
  • Establish a bank account used only for Rotary Foundation Global Grant funds
  • Ensure funds are used only for qualified expenses.
  • Maintain complete accounting and financial records of all expenses and supporting documentation.
  • Timely submission of grant reports at the conclusion of project completion and/or as requested.