A club may be considered “qualified” to receive a District or Global Grant if it fulfills ALL of the following requirements:

• Its President and President Elect (for the year of the grant) have signed the Club Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on behalf of their club;
• It is properly represented at the annual Grants Management Training seminar (i.e., 6 October 2012 Foundation seminar);
• It is current in its reporting and accounting for all open grants from the Rotary Foundation;
• It has no open District grants from any prior year except for the year when the grant request is submitted (the year prior to the requested grant’s start). In this event, the open District Grant must be closed out before additional grants may be funded; and
• It submits its request for a grant by April 30th of the Rotary Year prior to the year of funding.

A club may receive a District or Global Grant if:

• It is qualified (see the criteria above);
• The application clearly describes how the project will benefit the community being served;
• The grant request fulfills at least one of the six Areas of Focus;
• The grant request meets any applicable sustainability criteria;
• The club establishes a financial management plan in accordance with district and/or Rotary Foundation (TRF) guidelines; and
• The club agrees to random financial and functional audits by the Stewardship Subcommittee.

In the event that demand for funds for grants in the coming year exceeds the available supply, individual applications will be further evaluated based upon the following criteria:

• The club’s (or group of clubs) commitment to funding as a percentage of the overall cost of the project (i.e., projects where
the clubs will provide a higher percentage of funding will receive preferred consideration;
• The number of clubs joining together to carry out the project (i.e., projects with more clubs will received preferred consideration);
• Annual Programs Fund (APF) per capita contribution to TRF of the lead club in the year preceding application (i.e., higher APF will receive a preference);
• Total APF contribution to TRF of the lead club in the year preceding application (i.e., clubs with higher APF contributions will receive preferred consideration)
• Demonstrable project sustainability; and
• Demonstrable support of at least one of the six Areas of Focus.

Upon being informed that it has been awarded a grant, a club:

• Must immediately implement its grant management plan;
• Can expect to receive an advance of not more that 50% of the total amount of the grant in advance;
• Will receive the balance of funding in the form of “reimbursement” of approved and documented expenditures (note: reimbursement policies and procedures are still under development);
• Will be subject to audit by the Stewardship Subcommittee.

Note: These criteria are subject to change. The District Rotary Foundation Committee will post the latest version of these policies on the District Rotary Foundation website.